This course provides access to the same seven training modules in the Basic FBA to BIP: Specialist Training, however access to the modules is more flexible. This course allows users to pick and choose individual modules for a refresher or if users identify that they want to narrow the focus of training to a specific module within the training without being required to progress through all seven modules sequentially. Completion of individual modules in this course will provide user a Certificate of Completion for the individual module and 2 CEUs. In this course, there is NOT an option to earn a Certificate indicating completion of the entire Basic FBA to BIP training series, only certificates for completing the individual modules are provided.

This course consists of  seven modules designed to train school personnel to be Basic FBA Behavior Specialists who can conduct Functional Behavior Assessments (FBA) and lead the development of Behavior Intervention Plans (BIP) for students with persistent challenging behavior. Participants will receive training in how to conduct a Basic FBA, develop a BIP based on the FBA, support school staff to implement the BIP, implement feasible data collection tools, and use data for decision making. This course requires participants to progress through the seven modules sequentially and culminates in a Certificate for Completion of the entire Basic FBA to BIP training and 14 CEUs once all 7 modules are completed.

This course includes two modules (Module 1 & 4 from the Basic FBA to BIP Specialist Training) designed to be delivered to ALL school staff members to provide training in the Basics of Understanding Behavior and Behavior Intervention Planning. The training will increase the capacity of all staff to (a) understand and intervene with challenging student behavior, (b) participate in Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) and Behavior Intervention Plans (BIP), and (c) create a common language in the school for supporting students with challenging behavior. Completion of both modules in this course will culminate in a Certificate of Completion and 4 CEUs.  This module is a school-wide training supplement to the Basic FBA to BIP: Specialist Training.